2024 Design Trends

In the blink of an eye, 2023 is coming to an end again.
In 2023, due to the gradual popularization of artificial intelligence, the design will become more diverse.
Looking at the design trends in 2023, the pictures use surreal, 2D+3D expression techniques, and the colors are popular with various gradients and metallic colors. The design styles include minimalist style, Y2K style, etc., combined with the tool of artificial intelligence, the design becomes Richer and faster.
The design trends in 2024 will change slightly.
Let’s take a look at what the design world will be like in 2024.

2024 Graphic Design Trends

  Graphic Design

In terms of the trend of image design in 2024, images designed with surreal concepts will occupy the mainstream of the market. Surreal images are usually produced through three methods: 3D, 2D synthesis, and hand-painting. Among them, 3D and hand-painting are the most common. The focus of 2024.
Hand-painting is the best design method that can show the feel and temperature. Through hand-painting, you can show the weight of strokes and realize unconstrained design concepts; because of the popularity of AI, more and more designers choose to use 3D as a design technique. 3D can not only realize impossible images and make the images more impactful, but also greatly reduce production costs in practical applications (such as photography).

Color Trends  

In terms of color, earth colors are no longer the mainstream. 2024 will be the year when bright colors take over. Through visual stimulation, consumers can feel the vitality and enthusiasm of the brand; or by placing a soft furnishing with bright colors and unique shapes in an earth-toned space to appropriately show personal style, consumers will have a better taste of the brand. Feel amazing.
Morandi and earth colors will also continue until 2024. If you don’t like bright styles, you can continue the 2023 fashion trend and introduce Morandi and earth colors into the brand.
Monochrome will also be popular in 2024. For example, the entire advertisement or commercial space uses the same color system but different brightness to create a monochromatic world, making the brand more futuristic and modern, and making the brand’s tone more integrated.

2024 will be the year of bright colors
More and More

  Style Trends

Did you notice when you saw this? The above styles all add a bit of retro, luxury and individual elements.
Yes, the minimalist style that has been popular for several years will take a back seat to the second place in 2024. It will no longer be Less is More, but will be closer to More and More, adding some retro style and a little luxury style; but it still needs to be maintained. The spirit of minimalism: Storage, whether it is spatial storage, visual storage or color storage, must give the audience more room to breathe within the visual reach.

Other Trends 

In 2024, other trends will move towards the integration of different industries. For example: graphic design + 3D elements, interior design + light and shadow design, clothing design + gardening design, etc., are all popular trends in the future. How to add sparks from different industries into their own majors is testing the creativity and ability of designers, so that the audience’s acceptance of visual stimulation can also be greatly broadened.
Another trend is sustainability and environmental protection. Environmental issues have always been an important topic around the world. In today’s society with more convenient transportation, the use of packaging materials has greatly increased, and the proportion of sustainable environmental protection considerations in design will become increasingly high.
No matter what type of industry it is, if it can add the core spirit of environmental protection and sustainability to the industry, it will be able to gain a firm foothold in 2024.

The core spirit of environmental protection and sustainability


Fashion trends in 2024,
Not just a change in appearance,
It also reflects the pulse of society and changes in the spiritual level.
After two years of passive precipitation,
We will respect our inner self-personality more,
and the impact of self-behavior and the natural environment.
Changes in popular style and core spirit,
It also shows a desire to care more about oneself and to be in harmony with nature.

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